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Mathijs- You have a suspicion my car is not turning in hard. I assure you that it does. We had a short session on an oval on the track today. The car was pitted against an RC10L4O. It easily outturned and outhandled the other car both with the same tires even though my weight is balanced left to right. It out turns the touring car which turns pretty hard on the rubber tires. The 3.5 with its low gear and soft bottom end was easy to throttle up and back on the oval.

On slow speed turns the downforce is usually inefective. I balanced the downforce on the high speed sweeper and turn 1 which is very high speed as well. It required two wings for lack of a sufficiently wide 235 mm wing. I noticed the oval car was running spoiler and wing as well.

Whether to use brakes or not is a simple test. When running with the timer calling lap times, I tried it both ways. Brakes was .4 faster per lap. Now if there were 12 other pan cars running the wide line there might be more traction there, but for me it is come in hot brake lightly turn in sharp. The touring car runs the fastest lap with a medium turn, only the lightest brakes, and making sure it stays on the track of the best layed down rubber. Basically the Nitro line. I don't even need to cut the apex tight with the touring car as this gets me into a non used area of the track and I loose lap time. You only learn these things with a counter counting your lap times out loud.

I picked up 4 more of my full throttle points. This is really an indication of how fast the car is going on these sections of the track. Full throttle is not really possible unless the car is going about 40-45 mph and gaining traction from the wing. An old fart needs a little more practice when changing cars. I am passing some of the Nitros again. One more session should fix me up.

I only really get off throttle completely for the two hairpins.
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