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Originally posted by trf racer
bloody apex models and rip off uk!u no there selling a 414m2 wcr for 585 and i got mine for 450! bloody rip off!rick draper how much is it althogether including import tax etc,etc?dose it get delivered to ur doorstep?u no at rainbow ten there only 250
if the savings are that great who cares about the import tax or even the shipping cost, its still going to be far far cheaper.
but anyhow import taxs arn't that high.
i love the way rainbowten always give you the tracking number.
i live in new zealand, my order almost alway only take 3 days.
i sent a email to them telling them how much i apprecate there good service, and they sent me heaps of free stickers with my order , including a hude team orion one! these guys rock!
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