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Originally Posted by TryHard View Post
Cheers for that Corey

I noticed that the TRF guys were running HPI Gold & Silvers on the cars at DHI, IIRC they are slightly softer than the Tam white & blues.

I think a lot of the mod guys run the spools as they find them more consistent, and gives brakes. It's the same over here, I think all of the A finalists in mod at carpet wars were running spools, I think. Coming into the tighter turns you can really hear them hammering the cars on the brakes... kinda needed with 3.5t

The HPI Springs are actually harder than the Tamiya springs, they are also shorter making the car a litle more stable and more responsive on a smaller track, IMO.

Anyway, Viktor used the standard Whithe and Blue Tamiya springs to win the DHI cup, maybe those springs are better on a flowing track...

Also, the spoles are needed to get all the power down, to save your rear tires from overheating and makes the laptimes more consistant.

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