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Well some things have changed since I started this thread back in 2006.

Brushless speed controls have improved. I have been running the LRP TC edition in my Associated TC5 touring car for 6 months without a speed control failure or thermal shutdown. This is indeed good news. I have had two motors have complete rotor failures. One blew up early on (I tested the repair recently and it was not running normally. There must have been other damge caused to the sensors that was not corrected. A second rotor separated completely from the shaft without blowing up after 50 very good cycles. Now 50 good cycles between service is nice. It would be good to have three of these motors in order to always have one in hand. The others would be in service. Anyway motor durabillity performance in TC or Wide pan is now a tie. No durability advantage either way in most climates. The pan draws 8 fewer amps so in the hottest climates there may be an edge tp the pan. Pan (38 amps, TC 45 amps average).

Touring Cars have improved in durability.
They made the arms, caster blocks and hubs on the TC5 out of a softer material that does not break as much. Subtle improvments in the inner A-arm hinge pivot mounts over which I spent a lot of time on the pan car has improved the survivability of the arms and pins. Durability to the wide pan as far as breakage is now a tie inspite of the Wide pans Robust front and rear end. There is more wear to the front end of a locked diff TC car to more than make a Wide pan more durable overall though.

Performance & weight
It was easy to bring my TC5 down to 43 ounces. It is ballistic at this weight. At this light weight the touring car is every bit the equal and maybe even .5 seconds faster than a stock wide pan on my track. The fastest I have run a stock chassied wide pan with 3.5R motor is low 19's on sugar. The TC5 has been in the low 18's (during the second day of Nitro Nationals warmup). Now my highly modified wide pan is still faster and has run in the high 17's and may run faster still with recent changes. TC top speed is about 52 mph on my track now. This is only 1 mph under my pan car, but with the same motor my pan may improve.

Track Surface
Our Road racing club has taken the initiave to buy a $500 spraying machine to apply sugar water to the track. Permission to apply the sugar water has been obtained as well. This is a good time to bring my wide pan back to life.

FMADirect.com Revolution Pro Battery
I purchased a short servo to allow me to fit the very fine FMA direct Revolution LiPo batteries that I discovered. These are the best yet. Best voltage, lowest Deterioration rate, but a tad long. I bought the short servo to give me about 12 mm more length. The pan car and touring car will weigh approximately the same now at about 44 ounces. The Pan car will have a new LRP X11 3.5 motor and an LRP speed control that has been sent back just for checking. I think it was OK, the motor was having a problem. Anyway I am happy to be back on this thread occasionally. I will report results as I get them.

This servo is an aileron servo and has a funny wedge shape. There might be a better pick for this application.

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