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Originally posted by losi jon
Hey guys, I race with Mimno and his problem seems to be drivetrain related, so any idea's on what may be causing it would be most helpful.
His motor's and electronics are going fine in his MR4TC and he knows how to gear properly, when on the track it just seems like he's running a stock motor when everyone else is running a mod.
The car doesn't pull to one side so it doesn't seem related to one particular side or corner of the drive train, he's tried various belt tensions, at the moment it's just slack enough to make the usual XXX-S belt slipping sound under hard braking. His diffs seemed slightly tight when I fealt them but not hugely so, not enough to slow him down so much anyway.
There isn't any excess noise from his car on the track, so gear mesh seems fine, could a badly moulded spur gear still cause problems?

He's rebuilt the car atleast once so I would of thought he would notice any obvious problem, he's an engineer so knows how to build stuff too I hope

check to see if the spur is rubbing up against the tensioner,i had this problem and talked to todd hodge,he found it and had me put a shim in between the two.

I think you might want to try to remove the motor first, and then try to push the car on a flat surface. It should be very free. If it's not free...there might be somethin wrong in the drivetrain.

I suspect it might be a faulty bearing. Another thing is that you might also want to check the spur gear assembly.....the shaft holding the spur gear might be too short. So that when it is installed in the chassis, the spur gear does not rotate freely.


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