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Originally Posted by Mister-E View Post
Hi guys,

Just upgraded my standard shocks to the "standard big bore" and was wondering which spring to use and which oil thickness.

With the standard shocks, I was using the blue springs all around and 35WT at the rear and 45WT at the front.

With the big bore shocks, I was planning to get the progressive RMV PBR Special Shock Springs.

Any suggestion/experience is appreciated!!

Tx a lot in advance.
I just snached a set of second hand 13mm big bores (Santa said I wasn't good enough last year for 16mm's!!!). With new shafts and o-rings they seem ready to hit the track. I've got two questions:

-They came with a set of light blue springs and a set of light grey and I can't figure them out. They both feel "medium" when compressed (maybe the grey are slightly firmer). The seller says he doesn't remember what the springs are. Could it be the mugen soft and medium??

-My track is medium sized, with small but sharp jumps and a bit uneven (small bumps and far apart, not big bumps or rithm). What oils would you recomend??

Any experience / insight appreciated!!

BTW: progressive springs sound great in theory, but I never see any of the fast guys use them...I wonder why??
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