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Originally Posted by Bob-Stormer
I think people confuse, slowing down a class, with having slow cars. My error is the same no matter how slow the car gets. If your driving a .450 with a 27t you're gonna very likely drive a .450 with a slower motor. You wouldn't drop to a (.250). you skip a corner with a mod, you fly out 6 feet, skiff a corner with a stock, you skiff out 4 feet the time it takes to get in and back on the line is very similar.
You're right, this is where I am getting confused. With a slower motor you should make less mistakes, thus drive more consistently. This doesn't reflect upon the guy who was already driving consistently because he didn't make very many mistakes to begin with. But I think I understand what you are trying to say; Give the guy who can handle the faster batteries and motor something faster and he will be faster, but give the guy who can't handle it something faster and he will be less consistent. Basically fast guys are fast because they can lay it down with whatever you give them.
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