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Originally Posted by trilerian View Post
Here is another thought, by slowing down the "stock" class won't batteries become even more important than they already are? While Bob-Stormer has done a good job outlying a consistency error in driving, nonetheless no matter how consistent you are and how good your setup if the guy driving the fastest car is just as consistent and has better batteries he will win.
I don't feel it would effect it, and here a few reasons. Short of the top 10 pro-drivers at any nationals, nobody has the same consistencies. Even at the pro-level it is hard to find a top to bottom run of everybody with the same abilities and consistencies. And at a club level, if none of those guys is a pro driver, you're gonna see stuff, at best in the .4-.5 range and before the main is over guys at the bottom with 1.0 and 2.0

And to back this up, just look at the results from stock at Cleveland. There are a lot of them with "error factor" done, on this thread.

On a club level, it's almost not possible for your scenario to happen, The pro's can't even do it. You'll find that the further you go down the mains, the broader and more obvious the "error factor" is.

Unless you're club racing with Chicky, Rott, or Toso, then you've got other problems, and no amount of battery is gonna solve it.

In my official capacity at work, I suppose I should say that "yes, you'll need a LOT of more batterys". But assuming everybody has the same relative cell, and treats them with some respect the results will be the same. Usually the faster guys are also more consistent because they don't ever accidentally run a practice pack in a qualifier. It's part of the package, and needs to be done accurately.

Compare say the Cleveland 1/12th stock results and the 1/12th mod main with some local club stuff, and you'll see it's not going to go down the way you might think.

I think people confuse, slowing down a class, with having slow cars. My error is the same no matter how slow the car gets. If your driving a .450 with a 27t you're gonna very likely drive a .450 with a slower motor. You wouldn't drop to a (.250). you skip a corner with a mod, you fly out 6 feet, skiff a corner with a stock, you skiff out 4 feet the time it takes to get in and back on the line is very similar.

Right now I'm testing silver can motors in 1/12th... I'm appalled at how little a line error you can make and have it really count against you. Doug's voice from RC scoring pro yelling out, 7.2, 7.2, 7.4, 7.2, 7.2 and when he yells out that 7.4, you know where it happened, but seriously, it wasn't that bad... Well, it was. The good news, based on averages, is that other guys are doing the same thing.
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