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Here is another thought, by slowing down the "stock" class won't batteries become even more important than they already are? While Bob-Stormer has done a good job outlying a consistency error in driving, nonetheless no matter how consistent you are and how good your setup if the guy driving the fastest car is just as consistent and has better batteries he will win. Everyone pretty much agrees that the faster a car is the less the batteries and motor come into play, by reverse logic you can infer that the slower a car is the more important batteries and motor are. I guess what I am trying to say is if a 13.5 is already too much to handle for most drivers on a tight track then batteries are not a big concern for them because it just adds to the problem. But if we all start racing a 17.5 in "stock" and people are able to drive it more consistent everyone will be looking for that next edge is speed. And no, lipo will not fix the issue because in stock a good nimh pack has more power than a lipo.
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