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Default advice needed quick

Howdy yall,

some friends are visiting me from the US to Europe in 10 days and I'm thinking about having them bring me a TC for indoor racing this winter. I have to order a car tomorrow at the latest in order to have it delivered in time.

I'm hesitating between two cars:

- a FT TC3, just like the one I sold two months ago. I still have a bunch of parts for this car, and I know it pretty well as a reliable performer. On the other side it's not "hype" these days, and I'm afraid I'll never have a chance to sell it later on, and I'd kinda like to try something different.

- a SD, because it's new, it's cool, and it's new and cool On the other hand, being new can be a problem since with increased complexity, the first few thousand users of a new car are actually beta testers...

soooo... I'd like you SD owners to tell me whether there are design/reliability flaws that would be enough for me to buy another TC3 which I enjoyed very much. I would like to avoid buying a new design like the SD and suffer from early bugs like my first TC3 had, since it took AE 3 or 4 years to get the car right.

Thanks for the help fellow racers!

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