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I just want to thank all the Associated guys (Bob, Keven, Jucha), for all the help this weekend. By the mains , my car was totally dialed, but not my driving

Jucha's setup for foam is excellent. I think both Bob S. and Keven were gravitating towards it, but I don't want to speak for them. The car was awesome through the sweeper, and carried a ton of cornerspeed.

Jucha's seup-as far as i know. Maybe he or someone from AE can correct me if i miss anything

ride ht 4.5mm
camber -1.5
caster 6*
toe 0
hex spacing .5mm
wheel base 1mm shim in front
steering link 1A
bumpsteer 4mm
diff ball-cam a setting 1
tire jaco dbl pink 55.8mm
1/2 (13.5)to 3/4 (10.5)dope
57 losi piston
60wt oil
purple spring
full rebound
shock 2a
camber link 4
stock ballstud
arm mount 2A ff/fr
shims 3* ff/fr
droop 1.5mm
silver swaybar
hard arms & caster block

ride height 4.5
camber 2.0
toe hub 1.0, 2* overall toe (this is an aggressive setting, .5 or 0 toe at the hub mellows the car out/reduces rotation, when overall toe is the same)
hex spacing 0
wheelbase full long
diff ball cam a setting 8
tire Jaco dbl pink 55.8 full dope
Losi 56
30 wt oil
full rebound
gold spring
shock 3A
camber link 5B (I like this a lot as the car is a bit easier to drive. 5A would be very twitchy on hi bite)
black ballstud w/2mm spacer
arm mount 1b fr/rr
shim 2*fr/3*rr
droop 1.5mm
no roll bar
hard arms

I was a couple changes away that made the car better for me.
Foremost was the steering link at 2B. 1A was hard for me to hold on to(very reactive), and I felt like i wanted a bit more overall steering. The 2 position on the bellcrank mellows the car out, and B tends to have a bit more steering all the way thru the turn.

I also went one hole in on the rear shock tower, which made the car rotate a bit more. My car seemed to touch the chassis edges a lot at the rear (even before I moved the shock), so i ran the black sway bar at the rear to help this. The other guys' cars didn't seem to be touching. That may have been my shock building coming into play.

Bob also said the hard arms are in at AE, so they should be coming out very soon.

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