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Originally Posted by Nexus View Post
TA05 Mobile 1 Kit


Are the diffs the same as the R kit or the outdrives different.
Are the arms, c-hubs, steering knuckles the standard suspension in regular plastic or harder graphite/plastic like normal 415 stuff.

I know it has dogbones and other lower end stuff. I'm debating using one to run a GT2 class and beat down the man known on here as Solara and his TA05R!! Slowara...I will show you what a box stock kit can do!!
You use a box stock TA05 @ Trackside...if you can beat my stock 05R, I hand that car over to you, plus my Mi3, my 950R, 501X, M18, Gen X, My SCAR-Light, G4 Carbine, M249 whole basement. Cause I will retire from RC...

Diff on R is different, it use the WHITE doublt tooth pulley...use the blue belt. Arms are the hard plastic one, not the revsersable one...good for FOAMS. You need quite a lot of $$$ to convert the stock 05 to R version.......

BTW ppl...Nexus used to have his R (I bought that for him from Japan since day 1) and somehow he ran that car 2 times and sold that car for $100, and now he wants it back cause he knew the 05R is a better car then his radio shack RC car...someone sell him a 05R cheap....LOL
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