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Originally Posted by Nexus Racing View Post
We've tried pretty much all the hard-cased lipos (with the exception of the new trinity pack), and the Core-RC 5000 seems to have the best performance. The only downside is that it is the same size as the Orion Platinum, so it won't fit in certain cars. Lately, I have not even bothered to run any of my other lipos at the track since the Core pack has so much more power!...I just use the one pack all day.
The new Orion 3600 would be my second will fit more cars and has decent performance. If you decide to go with the 3600, you should definitely get two since you probably won't have enough time to recharge in between heats...with the 4800-5000 batteries, you don't dump as high of a % of the pack during the heats, so they don't take as long to re-charge.
I havent tried the core pack (I need too!) I didnt buy my TrakPower, and I didnt buy the orion packs, so far they have all been free LOL, My buddy bought 2 packs, one for him, one for me, he did carbons, and then we got rid of them for TrakPower, so there heaps better then nimh, I cant complain, but I like them more then orion (To each his own...) But I have heard nothing but good about the core pack, just no one in my area (so far) uses it
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