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UPS guy I am somewhat new to the Toledo gas club myself ,joined in 2007, but I have over 25 yrs racing electrics.
I personally drive a Serpent 950r a good car but not the best, I am sure though you could give me another brand of car and I would probably be just as fast or slow depending on you POV.
My point is find yourself a good car no one is making junt except PRS,find yourself a GOOD parts supply and keep in mind that guys at the track carry parts also.
Be carefull at the end of the straight those 2x12 will turn your pristine race machine back into a kit in a heart beat.
Serpent,Mugen,Kyosho/Delta all make great cars.Motonica is still pricy and who knows about parts I hope they step up to the plate cuz the are cool looking cars.Good luck see you in april
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