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Originally Posted by UPSguy View Post
I'm an old guy (45) and haven't had a RC car for 20+ years. . . .

. . . I hope we can get answers without turning into a pissing contest between brand loyal drivers.

How would you recommend one choose between the Kyosho and Serpent cars? Secondly, the motors, tons of choices with huge price differences. Just how does one choose?
If you join up to the 1/8th club, welcome aboard (as those train dudes always say)! 45? That's cool. I thought 60 was the new 40 anyway so you seem pretty safe. In terms of complexity and racing skill, any 14-16 year could do it but in terms of finances, even these days not many 14 year olds could afford 1/8th. Not trying to scare you but a 14 year old's allowance could get eaten up pretty quick racing 1/8th.

I have no clue what RC was like 20 years ago but I'm sure today's stuff is WAY better. The one thing that has had the biggest impact on RC and those who do it as a hobby: The Internet (specifically the World Wide Web). 20 years ago you were truely alone compared to today. These days tons of info is freely available. Not only has the Internet been a boon for the hobbiest but it has pushed development faster and better. In real dollars terms you get a lot more for each dollar you spend!

As for car, engine, other required gear the best advice I can give to first get involved, find a club and make friends. Watch carefully and ask questions. If there is a shop with someone whose got 1/8th experience you might want to go there first since if you buy stuff there most shop owners will show you how to get your gear going. Customer satisfaction is a big priority for small shops.

You could basically buy any 1/8th car and accompanying gear and get it assembled but screwing it up is surprisingly easy. Many surprises wait for the first-timer. You want someone to show you how to avoid the mistakes. More than anything, that's what you need the most.

Good luck.

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