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Default New to 1/8 On road.

Boy the bug has bit me. A little history, I'm an old guy (45) and haven't had a RC car for 20+ years. I have flown RC helis between then and now. For Christmas I bought my wife's 2 boys a Traxxas Jato 3.3. I think I liked it as much as they do.

Anyway the 1/8 scale on road cars have always intrigued me. Doing a little research it turns out there is a local club running 1/8 on road. So here is my question and I hope we can get answers without turning into a pissing contest between brand loyal drivers.

How would you recommend one choose between the Kyosho and Serpent cars? Secondly, the motors, tons of choices with huge price differences. Just how does one choose? When I flew helis my first choice was easy as we had 2 factory reps for Minature Aircraft in my local club.
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