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I really like Hughes......but I think his time has past.....especially since GSP has the total game. GSP will clobber MAtt Serra in the rematch. In a nutshell......Silva played right nto Liddel's game by tryig to trade punches with him. But I gotta give him credit....anyone else would have went down for the count. Now as far as heavyweights.....that big for nothing Tim Silvia gets another shot at the title...what a waste. He got totally owned by Couture.....whom he had 45 pounds on!!!! I like Joe Stenvenson.....but he will meet his match in BJ Penn.

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Nope!! Yea I think it may be time for Hughes to go out to pasure. I just don't like GSP for some reason. I thought Lidell was all ready out to pasture, guess not quite yet. Silva did nothing .........just stood there in front of him.
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