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Originally Posted by syndr0me View Post
The foam inserts seem to give the shocks a lot of rebound. I mean, full stroke, fairly quickly the way I'm building them. What's the preferred amount of rebound on this car, in general? I'm thinking of rebuilding them so they don't rebound much to see how things feel.

to me,shock rebound should be slow and smooth.shock rebound should be controled by the spring IMHO.
i know most people inc. me dont use anything about the diaphram.this gives minimum rebound and makes the shock smoother.By andding o-rings of different softnesses effect the rebound,,going hard gives it a fast rebound.
all i do is after bleeding the shocks i sit the black diaphram on top and push it down GENTLY all the way home,then i put the cap on,when the cap is 3/4 the way on i push the damper shaft about 1/2 way up.then pull down and sit the cap all the way home.
What that does is any excess oil u got in the cylinder lets it escape so you havent got a hard shock or a fast rebound.
when that is finshed it gives me a silky smooth shock and when the shock is fully compressed it just extends about 1/4 way out but feels real smooth.
i dunno if this is what most peope o but i have always built my shocks that way and had no problems.
i do this no matter what oil iam using or wether iam running carpet or ashphelt.
hope it helps.
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