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I've used it for two seasons back to back and I didn't have any more engine wear or any signs of corrosion. I had plenty of power and actually like the fuel very much. It's not as easy to get where I moved, so I run a different fuel now, but I had a very good experience with this fuel.

As a side note, not all lubricant is the same, so comparing fuels based soley on the percentage of lubricant content is not wise. I have run lubricants as low as 4 percent in nitro engines and they would protect the engine better than some fuels that use 8 to 12 percent oil. It's a very misleading factor when considering which fuel you should buy. Some lubricants require far less volume to protect the engine than others. A sophisticated synthethic lubricant blend may only require 5-percent lubricant to compare to another brand that needs 10-percent lubricant to provide comparable protection. Another reason that you don't want to live and die by the advertised percentage of lubricant is that some fuels have their oil content measured by volume, others by weight. So, 10-percent oil by volume means 10-percent of your fuel bottle is oil. Some companies will market fuel with 10-percent oil BY WEIGHT. This method reduces the amount of oil in the fuel while techically still being 10-percent of something. It's a little deceptive and yet another reason not to hang too much on advertised oil content.
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