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Originally Posted by ABURTON View Post
Kev, I was looking at your setup a little. Couple questions just out of curiosity...

why do you run 3deg neg camber in rear?

I see you have a .5 insert for anti squat but you are running holes down. What reason?

Hi Alan,
I run 3 degrees rear camber in the rear to promote a more progressive rear slide. I found when running 2 degree's the car would have more grip in the rear but when it did let go it let go more aggresively.
I run Anti Squat down because I tend to coast or even brake over the real bumpy parts as they are usually braking bumps.
Saying all this, we have been testing and playing around a lot. I'll post Theo's and mine new Setup shortly. It's funny because it's like the old tried and tested setup and we wandered away from it, trying different things and now when we've gone back. the car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

On another note, we just won a four hour enduro with the buggies and we had our friends driving the Truggy for the 3 hour and they came 2nd. The best part was the one OCM Truggy went for 2 hours and 56 minutes non stop. 4 minutes left and the clutch bearings gave up. A tremendious effort by all the guys and I'd like to thank Theo Assa, Cary Davies, Craig Hawk in Buggy and Ruben, Jim and Anfo in Truggy.
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