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Originally Posted by Craps View Post
Yes depending on the track size and type. You are going to use more battery for high bite fast tracks than technical tight tracks like the Nats had. A big track like the Farm will take more battery even though a racer did finish 3rd there this weekend using a Novak GTB with a 8.5 motor and a 4800 mah Orion li-po battery. He said he went around 30 minutes in practice with the same set up.

Less motor will give more run time if geared right.

I wonder how long a 13.5 and a 8000 mah li-po will go??? 1 1/2 to 2 hours??
Its actually the other way around, you will use less battery on a track like the farm because it takes more amps to start and stop a car a lot like you do on a tight track and tracks like the farm that have hardly any 180s and you just roll around it without losing momentum will use less battery. Its like comparing highway mpg(the farm) to city mpg(tight tracks)

I ran the 20 minute main at the farm and prabably close to another 15 or 20 minutes and the indoor track with my 6.5 and 8000 lipo. Good stuff.
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