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Originally Posted by Jack Rimer View Post
I am away at a trade show this week so I have not been able to keep up with this thread. However, I am still at a loss why JACO is getting blamed for something we don't have any control over. The mail order company that initiated this low pricing, began the promotion with stock purchased from a distributor. We do sell direct to them (because of their large volume purchasing power), but only sporadically since they find it just as convenient to buy from distributors. We did call them and request that they modify their price. So if they don't? Even if we didn't sell to them direct, they still would offer this deal since it was begun with stock originating from the same distributor you buy from. Perhaps you should call them and start a campaign against their company. We have always done whatever we can to protect our dealer and distribution network. I find it ironic that despite these efforts, we are still condemned. We just happened to be the company they chose to promote. What if it was our competitors that were selling for $9.99? Would there still be the outcry?

At least in my case I play no favorites, so YUP !!!
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