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Default Re: My opinion

Originally posted by David Root
Changing the center spring stiffer seems to add high speed steering by a lot. Low speed steering goes away too.

Too stiff of a center spring will make the car fly (literally) over bumps like its a spring board.. So when the going gets rough, I need a softer center spring.

Softer center spring also helps rear traction.

Side springs seem to chang how the car reacts to turning in. Stiffer springs make turn in quicker and the car more twitchy.

I use the white side springs most of the time and don't mess with them too much. I change the center spring acording to track conditons AND my driving for that day. I use Red, Copper and sometimes CRC stiff. These are .045", .047" and .050" diamater wire. Mostly Copper. I do not know what Black Associated spring is in Diamater. Maybe some one could measure it for me.

This is on a CRC carpet knife with NO T-Bar.

David Root
thanks a lot.. will experiment as soon as i get batts for my carpet knife...

the white side springs are the ones that came with the red edition?

also, does it matter if you use a standard or micro servo? as far as handling is concerned?
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