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Originally Posted by Gen View Post
wow,,will try different oils,can i ask do you guys find that with 1k being so thin do you need to replace oil after every meet ,,because with 3 kids a wife ,and a few cars i only replace oils every couple of months ,,i think 2k might be ok ????????????,,,also if i alternate between a clay track and rally club grass track every week because thats what close to me what setup would you be more inclinded to use ,,obviosly mentioned was that lighter center better thru the rutted but what about front diffs what might heaier as opposed to lighter feel like ,,,,,,,,,,i will change oils during week and tell you of my findings after next weekend THANKS FOR ALL HELP
For starters,change to 5-7-2 or similar. It will more or less work on both tracks. After trying it out, you can make small adjustments in diff or toe/camber/upper arms/anti-roll bars, etc.....
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