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Originally Posted by XXXRAY View Post
Max carster and heavier diff oil in front...hope it helps
Those things would help in an off power corner entry situation i think, but not in an ON POWER one as i understand things.

heavier diff oil would increase drive to the wheels and an increase in front caster would also give more steering in the middle and exit of a corner which is when i'd guess you'd be "on power"

You need more weight transfere to the rear, so you can try increasing the droop setting at the front to allow more travel, possibly softer shock oil although this will speed up weight transfere entering the corner as well, a heavier spring on the front or softer on the rear(try softer rear 2nd), less toe out on the front ....

I think looking at your set-up as a whole and thinking about the problem is how i'd try and work out what to change. Also try to work out what ur buggy's doing well also as this will influence what you change...
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