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Originally posted by GTMilenko
it only does it bad when turning and at low speeds. i drove it round it circles real slow and you can see the inside wheel pulling in and out.
Not much you can do about it. This occurs on my EVO2 too.

With the radio turned off, try turning the wheels to full-lock one side. Now look at the inside wheel.

The rod (linking the steering arm and the knuckle arm) is almost straight inline with the knuckle arm (the knuckle arm will not turn anymore, even if you twist the servo further. You will only pull apart the link if you try).

The knuckle arm is at its maximum throw, and at this point the servo cannot do anything to prevent that wiggling of the tire.. The only way you can prevent the inside tyre from wiggling is to reduce your steering throw so the steering arm can get some leverage on the knuckle arm, or to try fitting in some other knuckle arms.

Hope the above is clear. Difficult describing it in words...
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