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Default 23T - It's A Book, Your Opinion

This topic has been discussed before but let's get real on this one. Have you gone to your track lately and you ask your friends, "What are you running?" and you get all kinds of answers. Then the number of racers are also an issue as well (sometimes). So let's say you have 22 guys at a club race. Seven of them are running 12th scale and the remaining 15 are running touring car. The problem, some want to run 27T and some 19T; choose your own numbers (7 to 8, 12 to 3 or what ever). Does it break up the flow of competitiveness or race day? There are some who wish all would race one class when (your local track) is slow. This "slow attendance" seems to be the case at many tracks. Then the new saying fast guys should not run stock comes into to play as well. Back in the day the fast guys ran mod and us club guys ran stock, period, no questions. If you got punted trying to run with the factory mod guys you chose to run with them, shut up and race. Some racers I know have stated that there should be a "new" ROAR class, novice. That's another topic.

The question, "Is 19T really needed?" People don't want to run mod so they go 19T but then that breaks up heats. Many do not like running with 5 guys in one class. Stock is the biggest class at most National events so why not merge the two? Why not do like some in other countries and run 23T. My point is just go to *one* of the motors. For new guys 19T is too fast (heck 27T can be) and some say 27T is too slow. So why not make a compromise and go 23T. If not just 27T as most run that anyway. These are not only my opinions as I writing this from a conversation I had with some other fellow racers.

If not run what you brung and see what happens like some off road guys do in my area. If you can keep it on the track why not. LOL
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