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what i would do is to set the needle back to factory.
Start the motor, make sure it idle at least 10-20 sec., if not increase (clockwise) the idle screw to achieve this.

First, set the high end needle:
Run the car on the track for a few laps. Come into the pit, lean the high speed needle 1/8 of a turn each time. Repeat this process until you are satisfy with the speed and power. You MUST see trail of smoke when powering out of corner/exit. If you see no smoke, you're too lean!

Second, set the low end needle:
After making few laps on the track where you are happy with the speed, come into pit and listen to the sound. If the motor rpm goes high for 2-4 sec. then return to normal, you're a little rich, you can close 1/16 of a turn and do a few more laps. Another good thing to do is to touch the carb body (below the high speed needle) if its hot. You should be able to touch it and the carb body should be cold. If hot, you must open (anti-clockwise) the low end needle 1/4 of a turn and then go on track make some laps. Do this when you can safely touch the carb body with your finger. Another way is to pinch the fuel tube going into the carb, the motor will die off between 2-3 sec. if it dies almost immediately, your low end is too lean!

Set Idle Screw:
After some laps on the tracks after setting the low end needle, when you come into pits the next time, you should hear the motor rpm stays high for very long. This is the time you decrease the idle screw (anti-clockwise) until the rpm is stable.

hope this help.

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