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Originally posted by Top Gun 777
First my post for INITALID-it is not right about the high speed needle! Every needle on carb work by it self-high speed needle adjast anount of fuel lets sey as "A", midlle range needle idependanly adjust amount og fuel, wich is less then "A" and finaly idle speedneedle adjust even much lees fuel then middle range needle. So, there is no realy relalation between needles!
Now is for TRF_TG10R-can you describe how the engine getting stall. If you will be able to describe it (reving right before stall or just stop seddeny), I might help you with that, just give me as much as possible info
when ever i lean my engine out (3 turn out) high speed needle...when i gave it 1/2 bubble.....full throttel it stall..
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