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Originally posted by sosidge
pucho - thanks for the suggestions - as it happens I'm already running a lot of rear droop (4mm at the chassis, can lift the car 4mm before the wheels leave the ground), 3mm at the front. Running 3 deg rear toe. I've used springs as soft as white on the third hole out on the rear, and as stiff as orange on the 4th hole out, the harder setting makes the rear drift more controllable, but the softer setting still sees the car break loose and then tankslap more down the straight bits. I'll do some work on ride height, currently I run the rear 1/2mm higher out of habit. I feel that the SD upper links are already long.
droop at one end of the car affects weight transfer to the other.

so for more rear traction out of a corner, you'd want more front droop, not rear.

what's the setup you have on the car atm?
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