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Originally posted by sosidge
Is anyone else on the board running the SD on a slippy floor with Schumacher minispike tyres?

I'm still having real problems getting the car to work well when the grip is low, basically it has a tendency to hook the rear around mid corner, and then shake the tail under power. Combined with major understeer, which stops me even getting close to an apex at any kind of speed, it's making tuning the SD really frustrating.

I race at two clubs, one has a grippier floor and the car is much more driveable, the other is slippier and the car is a real handful.

This is using a Monster Stock by the way, so although the car is fast, it isn't stupidly overpowered (same power as the other cars who manage to get traction).

I've tried hard springs and soft springs, stiffer front or stiffer rear, low roll centres and high roll centres, 1 degree camber and 2 degree camber.

Any help - preferably from another slippy floor racer?

I'm ALMOST ready to put my gear back into the Pro 3 - despite its flaws, it always stuck to the track (couldn't get the back end loose!)
I don't think theres many people here who will be able to help you. For most here, the track surface is either asphalt or carpet. And to be honest, I mean you really can't blame the car for the setup problems your having. I'm sure Yokomo didn't plan on "slippery floor w/mini spikes" when they tried to design a good handling car.
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