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Originally Posted by syndr0me View Post
I really don't know what to make of mod anymore. With 5 cell brushless winning, I'm not sure what that says about the importance of voltage or anything else. I will say, though, that I feel so far removed from mod racing that I barely even pay attention anymore to what people are using. I find the results of stock and 19T much more interesting, and relevant to what I do each week. I don't even aspire to race mod, it seems like far too much trouble. I don't know if others are the same, but when we talk about big races at my track, the discussion is about the stock class. Nobody really cares about the same 10 guys doing mod.

With that in mind, if Brad can win the whole thing with EP's, then they're definitely good enough for me, especially without the headaches. I know a room full of guys that feel the same way.
I`m the compete opposite ...

Only race mod & have more respect for someone who win`s Mod than a winner of a stock race....

Eddie -O
hundreds of runs per pack !!!

If I was using Ib`s , they would be expensive paper weights after a few month`s ....

This why I can now club race 3 or 4 days a week these days ....

I never would be able to race this much if I had to buy new packs every few months....
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