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Originally Posted by McSmooth View Post
I addressed that in my post above.

Yes, stock was a beginners class years-and-years ago because it was S-L-O-W.

As I pointed out, stock today is just as fast as mod was in 1987.

The driving skill of a beginner isn't any better today than it was 20 years ago, but we're asking him to start out in a class that's waaaay too fast for him.

The rest of us who still race stock, feel we're going the same speed that we did 20 yrs ago in "Modified". The 19Turns are the same speed as modified 10 yrs ago.

Even racing 19Turn, much less mod, is getting tough on equipment. Some guys have the skill, but don't have the wallet to race it or feel obligated to use up all their vacation time to run 3 big national events per year.

That's why I suggested the opposite approach...slow Mod down to 19-turn type speeds (maybe slightly faster even). Make it accessible to a broader group of people.

Then, eliminate 19Turn. Leave Stock alone and rename it "pro-stock".

Lastly, make a "new" stock class with much slower motors for the beginners we need to keep this thing going. (Refer to my phrase above in boldface).

I know some people will complain about slowing down modified, but those people are in the minority. (It's also the same people who don't have to pay for most of the equipment that it uses up) Biggest on-road race of the year, and there's only 44 racers in mod foam, 34 in mod rubber, and 35 in mod 1/12.

I completely understand the attraction people have with unlimited modified. They love hearing the motors whistle, parts flying off cars from a single mistake, smoke pouring from the car as the motor or speedo melts, etc. Unfortunately, it's just not practical.
Mike- How fast is a 10 Turn compared to a 19T? I remember that the Reedy Race use to limit the motor to a 10T and EFRA had a 12T rule (not sure if they still do). What do you think of limiting Modified to a higher wind like that? I never really thought about the speed of stock compared to 15 years ago. A lot of that makes perfect sense.
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