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Default Stock should be 13.5 BL or Handout Silver Cams

All these issues discussed seems to be a problem only with EP/TC.

Off-road EP/GP and Gas 1/10 and 1/8 has sellout events in my area. It seem that the EP/TC is having a slow death as people are moving to 1/12 or GP. I spent the last 6 months analyzing this subject. My findings are:

1. EP/TC is getting too expensive.
2. The same people are winning all the time in Stock
3. The camradery in EP/TC is very fickle. Lots of clicks based on car type, teams, sponsors, old school/new school, brushless/non-brushless.
4. Weekly club race is an all-day event for just 5 runs. People are too busy soldering, building shocks after crashes, building motors and getting that mysterious tweak out of the chassis. Give me a break. This suppose to be fun. Build your car at home and come ready to race!
5. The heats are too long. And the race too short. Have 2 minute heats. 6 minutes races. No changing motors or rebuilding once it is in the car. Otherwise, start from the back of the pack as a penalty. Therefore brushed motor will be built for endurance rather than one run-jobs. Have bump-up for EP/TC. Charge another battery and have it ready if you think you might win.

Back to the subject of Stock EP/TC. The problem that I see is on 2 fronts.
1. The 27 turn motor itself.
2. The track.

1. Motor
The 27T brushed motor has too wide a performance gap between an off-the-shelf $45 motor and a well tuned-Tuner blueprinted, freshly cut, new springs, zapped, high performance brushes, etc. Newbies and experienced racers quickly get tired of this performance gap. They either can't keep up with the technologies, tools and equipment that is needed to run up front. Or they don't have the time anymore to rebuild their motors between heats. When a stock heat is over and a driver does poorly, he quickly run back to the pit to find more power in the motor. Experienced motor builders will be successful and the inexperience motor builder/newbies will probably due worst the next heat out of frustration. This is an indication that something is wrong with the 27T motor itself. 19T and Mod have a very narrow performance gap because the cars are usually faster than the driver is able to manage. This leads back to why Off-Road and GP on-road is growing by leaps and bounds. There is more power than one can handle. The driver has to finesse the car by good throttle control. Motor is rarely discussed at EP off Road events because everyone is running Mod.

Solution: 13.5 BL.

1. The Track
Stock racers have to achieve maximum speed through the corners to do well. I've seen some terrible tracks that have 2x4 straight pieces as rails. This is a recipe for disaster. This doesn't teach the newbie to stay on line; about apex, turn in, or track out. If you come close, you will pay with broken parts and down time. Worse case, never finishing a 5 minute run. Stock class with these barriers is a bad combination. We had more fun and better competition in the parking lots with fire hoses as dividers. Safe, fast and easy on parts.

Solution: Smooth, flowing engineered curves. Low profile barriers that are forgiving. 13.5 BL
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