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Matt H. (and others) - I see from your setup on mo's site that you've played around with the rear roll centre on the car, raising the inner blocks (and adding anti-squat), and putting a spacer on the upper link at the hub. What kind of result have you seen from that? I'll be playing with similar settings myself - I would expect it to make the car break away more smoothly at the limit, with a little more on-power steering.

Also, lots of people seem to have raised the front roll centre in one way or another, either using the lower hole in the front caster block, or changing the position of the spacers on the king pin. Again, what kind of effect is this having? I would expect a smoother, but decreased, steering response.

On a final note, it's reassuring to see that David Goss can win the NORCCA nationals with a virtually standard car, geometry wise. Maybe he's a good driver or something...
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