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"We use to have a rule, that if a cars 4 wheels left the track during qualifying...they didn't go back on the track (In other words, if the car was picked up and worked was DONE for that qualifier."

If the 4 wheels left the track? I have pulled off some pretty amazing aerobatics would that count. We will try to fix anyones car after a crash to get them back on the track. Ball cup, battery flew out, pop out the body, what ever. Something that needs tools def end the heat for you.

What happens when you have a hack with a tank that takes out all the other cars on the track shouldn't that end it for the hack? There should be a rule if you take out more than one car in a race, be it a qualifier or main you should be done. A couple weeks a go while racing a hack, took out my car after going way to wide in a corner and ended up going the wrong way on the track. Snapped my front left suspension arm and steering knuckle, ended that heat. Last race day he took out another car doing the same thing. Now my parts where not that expensive to fix what broke for me, but the second crash that he cause did thrash the other guys front one way, and CVD, on a 007. Not cheap parts., yeah I know part of racing but when does it end, how many cars does he have to break. Yeah I have banged doors with a few drivers and spun out a few as well, not intentional at all, I have not gone head-on and broken stuff on others cars. I have however sat and watched my car spin helplessly on its roof because a marshal just was not paying attention.
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