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Ryu Goh - Tires balloon when you're on the throttle and the diffs bleed power to the tires that don't have any weight on them. When you're accelerating, the center diff will bleed power to the front tires because the rear tires are loaded down.

The carcass of the tire determines how much they will expand; a thinner carcass tire or one with a taller profile will balloon more than a thicker or shorter tire. Foam won't really affect it too much.

Mater - You will have to change your driving a little bit to be successful with the 8IGHT, but I think those changes will make you a more consistent and efficient racer. The 8IGHT buggy will allow you to produce fast lap times with the least amount of effort, by maintaining control of the car and cruising around the track.

The life of the throttle servo depends on how you set it up. Make sure to set your EPA's conservatively (you don't need to pull the carb as far as it will go to get full throttle, and you only need enough brake to lock up the tires). Spend the time to set up your linkage to pull the carb straight with no binding, and to activate the brakes with minimal servo travel, and you'll be fine.

You can find setups for the buggy here:

From the stock setup, I've made the following changes:

- 13T clutch bell, with four carbon shoes, and four gold springs.
- 3/3 rear pivot block
- hubs all the way back
- 56's with 25 wt. in the rear
- 54's with 40 wt. in the front
- 4-A rear camber link

odoylrulz - The aluminum chassis braces will stop the car from flexing, which can actually take away traction and hurt the car through rough sections of the track. The included plastic chassis braces should make the car easier to drive, more consistent, and have more traction. The aluminum knuckles are nice, but not necessary. I run the stock knuckles and chassis braces on all my cars.

smitty - Haha
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