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Originally posted by whynot
lost man I never said anything about the 2 spd. and I dont know if you are familiar with the clutch serpent had before the new cars that just came out they had a small flanged bearing in it and the bearings would always wear out very fast. and also to adjust the endplay of the bell you had to take everything off the motor and shim it .what a pain that was and the gears and the bell would have alot of wobble in it even when it was set right. now onto the proceed clutch it has 2 larger bearings in it and the endplay is adjusted with shims that can be added to the clutch nut on the end. and the bell is very sturdy and durable.hmmm and if you noticed that the new serpents are very similar to the proceeds or pretty much the same hmmm weird and interesting huh oh and the shocks are pretty much there own design am not sure if serpent changed theirs on the new cars. if they havent they should
its gonna be ok old man..i wasnt trying to be an a$$,and i wasnt trying to be sarcastic. thanks for the knowledge bomb.Hey which came out first the proceed or the serpent impulse.hmmm wierd uhhh yea.
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