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Well Ken this season may have seemed a bit short to ya by getting in later but we still might get a couple more Wednesdays and Sundays. Also remotely possible we might get a sunny but cold Saturday or Sunday through winter but hours would be short like 11am - 3pm ... you know ... warmest part of the day.
We'll see.

I'm just posting the 08 schedule to show our 08 points season dates all winter so cod racers can see them way ahead for planning ... their not in stone ... but they miss all holiday. Best 5 out of 6 with about one race per month keeps it doable for most and not overwhelming. We will still have regular "club" non point races and practice days.

Next year you can get your fill of track time to hearts desire

You cod regulars that are interested in the points series racing are welcome to throw ideas out all winter on what you would like out of a summer series.

Trophies, plaqs, shirts, $$$, etc ... or JUST POINTS ... the more stuff the more the entry fee goes for each series race.
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