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It's hard to imagine that after al these years that people stil belive "if it doesn't stink, it ain'tt bad". We switched our track last year to Paragon because all the other compounds on the market just did't work with the newer rubber backed Calandra carpet, they actually attack the adehsives and destroy your carpet. We've used TQ Mod (orange stuff), Niftech and Jack the Gripper and they all left odors in the building. I've had more people in the last 4 months of last carpet season tell me that they were glad we switch to Paragon than I heard from racers that were offened by the odor. They never put 2 & 2 together until we stoped running these other "ODORLESS" compounds. Racers telling me that they were no longer getting sick the day after racing or leaving the track with bad headaches. I've had people tell me that JTG (Jack the Gripper) made them ill, sever headaches and nausea. I always said I'd never go to Paragon but the change hasn't affected the racer turnout, and it's brought consistant traction back. Not to mention that the rubber tire TC guys are running tires on Paragon that they said were junk on JTG. Just because it does't smell, it doesn't mean that it's not bad for you and the inverse is true as well. just because it has an odor doesn't mean it's going to be bad for you.
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