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Originally Posted by RandomFellow View Post
The problem with the A-Tech car is going to be parts availability. The problem with the Recoil is that it isn't a standard 1/10th scale that your racing classes are going to be.

If you don't care about TCS racing, a GREAT starting racer is the Xray T2R. All you need to upgrade it to full-on racing status is to change the FRP pieces over to carbon fiber. So as you grow in your racing, its takes a minimal amount to get to a highly-competitive club racer. In the meantime, you'll have an already great chassis that is easy to drive.
OK thanks ill see what its goona cost and maybe see ..

Originally Posted by daveaustin5 View Post
The problem is that this is a very expensive hobby. Have you had a play with anyone elses car before you commit to buying one? If you're really sure it's something you want to get into you would be better off buying a Cyclone S or a TC4. If you're not sure then maybe the TB02 would be better. The problem with buying the TB02 is that you would probably outgrow it quite quickly. Whilst it's a decent car, you'd probably want something more competitive within a couple of weeks.

The Recoil car that you pointed out is ok but it is a different scale to what most people race. Because of this you wont be able to race it at many places.

The A-tech car is decent. It is similar to a TC4 though not as competitive. You may struggle to get spare parts for it should you break anything on it.
Hmm ok , Seeing as you know alot about R/C Cars , Would you mind "building me one via the web" with like a buget of 250 to begin ? I dont want top spec because i dont want to have to keep buying tires for every lap i do , but i want it decent ..
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