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Originally Posted by maxepower View Post
If any of you know how Tamiya does business, you know they don't design their cars they have Tech-Racing does the design and engineering of their cars. So, I went to Tech-racing web site and found a chassis that is coinsidentally 2.5mm lower and 2mm upper deck. It has an 18 tooth center pulley. The upper deck is lowered and the motor bulkheads are redesigned for this. It's called the MY-07. Here are some pictures and imagine it being blue and with less machining on the chassis to keep costs down. But if I was a guessing man it will be similar to this. Again this is just an educated guess!
thats not entirely true. it is true that the 415 series was developed with tech racing, however, the TB Evo series, and ta05, ta04, etc series cars was developed in-house.

but your point is well taken
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