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Originally Posted by jimmy..maddison View Post
ok set up is as follows:


40wt oil
hole 3 on tower
1.5mm vert shim
3mm horizontal shim
1mm width shim
1.5mm roll center shims
3mm behind wishbone for wheelbase
short lenght mid width ackerman 1 hole forward

35wt oil
2mm vert shim
2,5mm horizontal shim
2mm roll center shims
mid wheelbase
3 deg toe in

this set up was on med traction carpet on muchmore 32 tyres

hope this helps

Cheers, what width/toe-in shims did you use at the rear?
And were you using Sch white springs?

Is the kit toe-in (2mm front, 0.5mm Rear) 2.4 deg?

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