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Oh man I took the R40 out for spin at Floyd Bennette Today. Man did this car handle itself well. It seems like the car just wanted to keep going on the turns and straight away.

Some updates.
Running Diff all around, 40 shore for FLoyd all around. 2mm Ratio front to back on tire diameter. After about 8 tanks I had about 2mm tire wear in the rear and one in the front. I was able to bump heads some some good drivers today adn that helped my skills improve as I was able to keep up with some of them. I figured out that certain sections of the stand allowed me to drive better than others. My vision sucks. Anyhow I came home with a smile. One of the dudes I was racing with was getting a run for his money when I lost it on a turn, he sped off on the straight and to avoid hiting the side wall he turned into my line where I ended up rear ending him. The result was no damage to me and a shock tower for him. I apologized to the guy but it was his fault I guess.

Practicing for the major race in two weeks with no mishaps so far. Oh and Maxxy's fuels is sweet. I was having so much fun today that I caught a big sunburn. I forgot to use sunscreen.
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