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Originally Posted by bakaguyjean View Post
Get Lipo`s and brushless systems uner $50.00 each and they are a good idea. Other than that Little John and his Dad will most likely stay away from your little racing circut.

I am Little John's Dad. I currently have 7 racing r/c vehicles going in a family of 7 people.

see signature

T4 with Nokak GTB 13.5ss and 3200 Orion Lipo

Son: (lil John)
B4 with Novak GTB 13.5ss and 5000 Racers Edge Lipo

T4, rtr no upgrades as of yet until out of novice

T4, rtr no upgrades as of yet until out of novice, or at least until he turns 6. rofl

point is, your theory doesnt hold water either. I am not alone even at my own track. there is another Dad and Little John there, each running a B4, T4, and BJ4we's... all brushless.
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