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Per "new3" and "rc_alan" 's questions / comments. As with any other event / meeting / gathering, the biggest problem with "up-to-the-minute" coverage is MANPOWER!!!!! Sure the technology exists to accomplish said task, but there is nobody who can take the time to check, and re-check the information, sit in front of a computer and push the buttons to get the results out for you who are not here to see....... Seems that everybody I see at the race is BUSY dealing with proper race procedure, repairing cars, working on bodies/engines/tires/suspension, trying to get that last little tweak out of whatever to make a good showing. Plus ya got the RMT doing their level best to keep things moving along smoothly, TIMELY and fairly and making sure the results /standings are correct before proceeding, and, and...

So, your not here to post the stuff even though you apperently have the time to do so.
WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!! Will we see you at the next one??????
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