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Good evening everyone,

I got a little matter, purchasing a set of ball bearing to refresh an L3, the front bearing in the set come unflanged (in fact L4 bearings), the ones on the car are flanged (the stock ones for a L3). The tires are almost over so I have to buy some fresh set too (front and rear)!

Here is the trick, there is some manufacturers how make rims that fit with unflanged bearings - with a little molding on the rim axle - and other who dont'! I want to be sure to get the appropriate rim to fit the bearing! I read somewhere the good starting compromise is front Purple and rear Gray. I check PARMA, TRC, JACO, GRP, BSR, CRC but not sure about the mounting with unflanged bearing, so a confirmation will be great:
Fit unflanged bearing: CRC, JACO
Fit flanged bearing: BSR
Not sure: TRC, GRP, BSR, PARMA
I guess as Newb, the standard (not the Pro) will be better.

Thanks for your help

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