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Originally Posted by Sydewynder View Post
Sorry Andrew a well setup brushless lipo Recoil is going to be hard to beat with a front wheel drive mini cooper. Running cut down foams on carpet might be as close as you will get.
I didn't say teh recoil drivers were any good. Were actually pretty close in terms of lap times at the end of the race, its just that they have VERY inconsistant lap times. Im just looking for that edge to take my mini a few tenths faster per lap. Right now I have my mini really dialed within TCS rules, I'm just looking for some non-tcs legal changes that will get me more traction. I tried the sedan rubber tires and they were dialed on asphalt, so I thought I'd ask about anyone elses experience.
I have already upped the ante with a lipo, and I tried the cut down foams, but ti was too much traction, and with them cut down the roll out is less thatn the tamiya 60d tires (roughly 62 mm). Just looking for more : )
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