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Default Just came from track for doing their bride run and...

I only can say... Holy $hit!!!

Only did 4 quick tanks (first with their stock setup and the later three doing small changes every time). That boy is really quick!!!

First tank felt me a tad nervous with the short wheelbase and switched to long wheelbase, played a little eyeballing the rear toe-in and front toe-out (sorry, carried only the car, the starter box, some fuel and very little more like some tools).

Cannot give you more setup details (boss told me that was that greasy and grimefull thing so the car remains on the garage ). But this is mainly my actual setup (needs more work).

- Stock setup with long wheelbase.
- Front toe-in reduced (3 degrees seemed me a lot during assembly but... wanted to try).
- Rear toe-in reduced (from the 2 degree toe-in) screwed around 1/3 of turn each front pillowball.
- Central RC body with gurney lip at level with the body (uhm.. never knew how to call it... think on 0 elevation of the lip from the body).
- 35 shore tyres at 68/75mm.

Things that I want to play next time:

- Change to 'B' ackermann. Steering is really quick, maybe is the body combo too but... need to calm a little that steering, you sneeze over the steering wheel on the transmitter and the damn steers.
- Smaller wheels. 68/75 is really big. On the 'R' went down to 64/71 and loved it.

Anyone more tried it? Post their feedback and which type of track you drove it.
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