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Originally Posted by Verndog View Post
Not sure where thats coming from...I've read many threads and posts on IB's venting and blowing. The main difference IMO is the price of the flame. More $$ per BTU with a lipo going up in smoke. It's more the people blowing them also. Lipos are more geared for runtime and bashers and still dont have quite the punch of a top end matched IB. The people buying the top end IB's are generally racers, and they understand their running on the edge and dont put up panic posts from a vent of blown pack...they understand it comes wth the territory and just go out and buy another...while the lipo user must do a little first.
Thats my point. Folks have no problem with chinese made sub c cells, they vent, the explode and its, business as usual. But for those that run lipo, if the pack isnt made by Orion or Apogee, then its a cheap chinese knock off that puts folks in danger. If corners are cut in lipo, that burns and CATCHES HELL FOR ONE ACCIDENT FOR HOW EVER MANY LIPOS, then why not the same "hater-ation" for sub c's made in China? I dont have a problem where cells are made, as long as they perform. But God forbid you dont buy Kokam/orion or Apogee....then they are cheapie chinese lipos. I'm not sure where you are going, but lipo has the same punch 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes into the pack...sub c's after 2 minutes, punch falls offf. This isnt about punch, but the hater-ation about chinese made lipo and the silence about chinese made sub c's.
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